Why should I get a wedding videographer?

Photographs are essential to a wedding. But photos can only do so much. Photography can’t capture dialogue, speeches, jokes or show moments as they happen. Without video footage, you’ll always be left to fill in the blanks. A good wedding videographer captures all these moments, so they are locked away for posterity.

Will there be large, bright flood lights used?

The Wedding Studio use the latest HD cameras from Sony and Canon with excellent exposure settings that work well under low light. We won’t use any lights at your wedding.

I am camera shy and don’t like been filmed?

Because we use only the best equipment, we can film at a distance using zoom lenses and directional microphones, this allows us to get all the key moments in superb detail without being obtrusive. In fact most couples forget we are there, but thankfully we don’t!

What type of camera do you use?

We use only the latest high definition solid state camera’s. With the advances in recent technology the camera’s we use are surprising compact and discreet. Our camera’s record footage at 35mb/s (the highest quality available).

How do you record audio?

Good audio is vital. We use the best gear available and have three different recording methods. Firstly, we use radio microphones manufactured by Sennheiser. These are tiny recording microphones that attach to a groom’s tie. Radio mikes capture every word from the bride and groom with perfect clarity. Secondly, we use a camera mounted directional microphone. This is a specialised microphone for clear audio whilst filming at a distance. Finally, we use a compact Roland field recorder, which is a dedicated stereo sound recorder that will capture your church music and wedding band in crystal clear clarity.

How long does it take to get my wedding DVD?

We aim to present you with the finished film of your wedding within 8 weeks, during busy times.

Our wedding is quite a distance away, does the wedding studio film outside Munster?

Yes we do, as well as wedding video production in Cork and Kerry we are also available to produce wedding videos in other parts of Ireland.

How do i pay?

If you decide to hire us, we require a €300 deposit to confirm your booking.

How does The Wedding Studio videographer dress on the day?

Our wedding videographer wears a suit at all weddings.

Can we meet the videographer before the wedding to discuss our wedding DVD?

Yes, we meet all couples, in fact we insist on it. It is important for us to find out all your requirements and to answer any questions you may have. Every wedding is individual and we want to ensure that the final wedding dvd is unique to each couple.

Is The Wedding Studio insured?

Yes, we are fully covered by specialist insurance.